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No Cosmetics double-sided projecting lightbox sign hanging on outside wall of flagship store on a dark street in Berlin

Wall-mounted lightbox or tabletop lightbox? Installation tips & step-by-step guides

Find out how to install front-facing and projecting lightboxes quick and easy.

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Light Middle East cover image - exhibition booth

Light Middle East 2023 in Dubai: International trade fair for lighting

An overview of the upcoming 16th edition of the blockbuster trade show in Dubai.

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Reindeer Moss Logo direct-to-wall detailed side view

Moss Manual: How to install your green wall, moss panels or Moss Plus product

Hanging moss panels and walls isn't complicated, but you still have to know how.

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but first coffee neon sign milchhalle berlin

Best neon light quotes: ideas for neon sayings

We present a selection of the best neon signs with sayings and captions for neon lights.

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Millemedia XPS letters acrylic plate detail shot
rainforest moss texture detail shot

Moss acoustic panels & moss wall soundproofing systems

These moss types are best suited for noise absorption and soundproofing.

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Torbar Berlin Glass Neon

How to hang a neon sign on the wall: installation tips & step-by-step guides

Before you can enjoy your neon sign, you first need to mount it on the wall. Here is how!

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Leiti Neon Mirror Box Turqoise

Neon tube lights – a true allrounder!

We show how the famous gas gets into the glass and reveal interesting facts about neon.

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glass neon tubes detail shot

How long does a neon sign last?

How long do neon signs last? We take a look at factors that influence durability.

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How neon lights work header neon glass tubes detail shot

Gas & glass: How do neon lights work?

We give an insight into the colourful world of shaped glass tubes and their use.

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Radquartier Letters on Reindeer Moss Header

Office moss walls & plant walls – more than just a trend

From decorative accents with moss logos to large mossy surfaces – moss and plants are in!

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LED Neon

Do neon signs use a lot of electricity?

We get to the bottom of the power requirements of neon and LED neon using specific examples.

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NOW outdoor neon construction in front of the Reichstag building in Berlin 2017

Our collaboration with artist Mia Florentine Weiss at the Reichstag

Mia Florentine Weiss knows what women want – see photos of the event!

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white neon half-circle on the ceiling at Julia Stoschek Foundation Berlin 2017

Neon collaboration: Sygns x Julia Stoschek Collection

Learn more about one of the largest time-based media collections in the world.

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Header photo of James Turrell's light installation in Berlin

Permanent light installation: James Turrell in Berlin

Fancy a visit at James Turrell's light installation in Berlin-Mitte?

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nudelfabrik in dresden name and logo in green led neon

LED Neon Flex: modern illuminated advertising

Light-emitting diodes are the modern way to go for illuminated advertising.

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vinylkultur front-lit letters at dussmann das kulturkaufhaus in berlin - close-up detail shot

3D letters – 360 degree advertising

Learn all about three-dimensional logos & letters and their applications.

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black aluminium letters A and O on a wall with distance holders

2D letters as advertising letters

Flat, cut-out letters can be just as interesting and impressive as 3D logos.

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Santiago Mostyn artwork

Single letters – an alphabet of possibilities

Illuminated or non-lit, 3D or flat: single letters present lots of options.

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AMG - large red LED Neon on acrylic plates

LED Neon vs. Glass Neon: the main differences

We tell you the differences between the classic glass tubes and modern LED technology.

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Rosebud Bar in Cologne - encased projecting neon sign

Illuminated signage as an effective advertising medium

What is illuminated signage, how is it used, and which sign fits your company?

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restaurant mastan in berlin double-sided lightbox suspended from metal holding construction

The lightbox: advertising that shines from within

Make your advertising shine bright with lightboxes for outdoor or indoor.

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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin outdoor neon sign

Illuminated advertising – time to shine

Shine bright with illuminated advertising and its many types and applications.

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Rox Health LED Neon that reads

How to make a personalised green wall design

Find out how to create your own customised moss wall decor with Sygns.

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Neon artwork by Italian artist Patrick Tuttofuoco

Patrick Tuttofuoco – the artist who's firing up the neon art scene

Many Italian artists have incorporated neon into their work over the years.

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The best handmade presents – Top 5
Christian Herr neon artwork

A guide to neon wall art & neon design

Discover some amazing artists that have revolutionised neon art and design.

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Tatiana Macedo neon artwork

Sygns x Rohkunstbau XXIII

See pictures of artist Tatiana Macedo's breathtaking neon art installation.

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Art Basel 2017 neon installation

Art Basel - The neon artistic liberation chart

A philosophical reading of neon's use at Art Basel 2017 from a visitor.

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neon artwork by Maurizio Nannucci

Neon art icons: Maurizio Nannucci

Insights into the Italian artist's work, which is famous for featuring neon.

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