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Sygns is a Berlin based design & manufacturing company. At Sygns we see ourselves as enablers of sophisticated and lasting communication. Through our custom made physical mediums we give shape to your individual ideas and expressions. This is matched by our passion for creativity, aesthetics and expressive arts. We help our customers to be heard. With great passion, ambition and a sense of adventure we aim to push the current boundaries of business, while building a lively and humane community here at Sygns. You want to know more about us? We are looking forward to meet you!
Sygns is headquartered in Berlin, Germany. We have a fulfilment centre in Poland, from there we ship our Neon & LED Neon products to customers worldwide.
Sygns is our brand name, derived from our signage products. We focus on custom-made production, hence we altered the spelling to create an individual name.


Sygns offers individually manufactured premium signage. We work with the following product families: Neon, LED Neon, 2D Letters & logos, 3D Letters & logos, Lightboxes & projecting signs, Moss & plant walls. Our products are mainly used for branding, interior design and art.
Yes, Sygns can offer fully individual products. We can build per a pre-defined specification, but our team also supports you in more complicated projects from planning to installation and assembly. Submit your special project
That’s what we are all about! Send us your project request
Across our product range, we can offer a wide variety of colours, we can either match or offer equivalents to all colour reference systems (RAL, Pantone, RGB, CMYK). The closeness of the match will differ between product types. Multi-colour designs are no problem.
The back dipping paint is applied to the areas of the neon glass tube that should not glow. For example in between letters. This is also known as block out paint or masking paint. This ensures the neon text is readable or the design is kept as desired.
Sygns products can be mounted in a variety of ways depending on the product type. Plug and play products require no electrical installation and can be simply hung on the wall, stood on a surface on hung from the ceiling. Products not marked as "plug and play" will require electrical wiring. You need some help? Send us an installation request. Our professional installation team will be happy to help you!
Most products are available for outdoor. Our standard moss range though is for indoors only. For detailed informations on our product families and variants please see our catalogue
Dimming is an optional extra for most of our products. Both Neon and LED Neon lights can be dimmed.
Changing colours and programming is an optional extra for all LED Neon products. Neon cannot change the colour but can be animated as an optional extra.
Yes, all electrical components are covered by a 2 year warranty.
When choosing between our Neon and LED Neon products you should consider:
  1. 1. Cost: Neon products are in most cases more cost-effective.
  2. 2. Transport: LED Neon products are generally easier to transport as they are less fragile and therefore require simpler packaging.
  3. 3. Power consumption: Sygns Neon and LED Neon products use modern efficient power supplies. Due to this, the consumption is relatively low, our testing has shown that Neon does not use considerably more energy.
Yes, Neon products are allowed in your country, neon power supplies are regulated per EN50107 in Europe (1000V-10000V). Sygns plug & play products require no electrical installation, so you can treat them like any other product and simply install without worry. The Sygns Neon product "Neon direct to wall" does require a qualified technician and also in some circumstances a protection plate.
Yes, all items are certified for the shipping region (European CE, USA UL)
Most materials are standard flammability (Class B2), high classes of fire resistance available on request
Neon signs are made from real glass with a gas inside, if broken they cannot be repaired. We can though reproduce the individual piece which has broken (you do not need to purchase the entire sign again).


Both our Neon and LED Neon products use the latest efficient transformer technology and therefore consume normal levels as with other lighting products such as lamps. Exact power consumption is based on the size of the product, for exact details on an individual product please speak with a member of our team.
The transformer has an operating temperature of about 30-60° C. It is recommend for all transformers to allow sufficient air space around the transformer and / or ventilation. Exact measurements can be provided on request.
LED Neon products usually require one transformer. For Neon a transformer can only receive the high voltage over a certain cable and glass meter length. Therefore a second transformer is needed for a certain size. The right amount of transformers are part of every offer and will be included in the package.
All of our products use efficient modern power supplies to reduce power consumption. To further reduce consumption timers can be added. Our range of non-lit 2D, 3D and panels offer an alternative with zero consumption.
Neon light is a light emitted by combining electricity with a specific noble gas, neon gas! This effect is quite unique, with a different feel to modern LED light.
The brightness range for neon is 145-798 Lumens / m (12mm diameter), this depends on the design (how much glass) and the diameter of the neon tube. Hence neon light is considered to be quite bright.
Neon is handmade using real glass tubes, these tubes are filled with an inert gas (Neon or Agon gas) that when powered, gives off a fluorescent colour. LED (light emitting diodes) lights are made using multiple LED modules hidden behind a polymer diffuser profile or plate. The modules are arranged to give a uniform light and colour.


All products marked with "plug & play" require no electrical installation, only mechanical install of the wall or other location. Other products require some level of electrical installation and therefore we reccomend a qualified technician. Sygns can provide this service, you can request this at point of order or after purchase. Request installation
Yes! We have created specific guidelines for the electrical Neon installation.
All products are offered in a variety of configurations, for wall installation, hanging (from the ceiling) and standing. For wall installation you can choose either indoor or outdoor and we will provide the correct mounting feature. Our products can be installed on most wall surfaces, you just need to purchase (we do not provide) the suitable screws and plugs. For specialist surfaces such as glass, it is possible, but requires a more specialist installation (glass specialist). Indoor standing products are suitable for any even surfaces. Outdoor standing products must be anchored.
Yes! Just book one of our professional installation teams. Outside of Europe, we are happy to help find the right partner.


Of course. Our team can assist you in selecting the right product case. Contact us via mail or phone and share your project details with us. We will be happy to support you!
Yes, with our project request form our graphic team can support you in translating your file format or finalising your design, so it is ready for production.
Yes, please contact us immediately with your specifications and deadline via our quote form where you can opt in for express service. Will come back with an express offer to meet your requirements.
Simply fill out our installation request form. We will get back to you with the corresponding prices for your installation and a date proposal. Billing is per hour and will be invoiced after completion of the work.

Order & payment

Yes here you can find the Neon configurator
Our Neon configurator takes you through three main steps. 1. Upload your design or choose from a standard font. 2. Add the size and colour details 3. Choose the construction style and electrical options that best suit your requirements. Once you have configured your neon, you can check out online and we will start the production. Afterwards we will send your neon to your address.
The configuration always shows you the total size. If you have selected a background, you will always be shown the background size. The Neon is then automatically 10 cm smaller than the background. Thus the backplate protrudes 5 cm to all sides.
Please note that only height or width can be entered. The configurator will automatically scale the other value so that your design always has the correct format. If you have any further problems please contact us
To order a custom made sign please fill out our special project form. Here you can upload files and give any specifications you have. Make sure to add any additional comments you have in the comments section. We will then review your request and come back to you with a proposal.
This is only relevant for Neon. The front protection plate is useful if your Neon hangs within reach in a public space and customers/visitors could bump into it or touch it out of curiosity. Because high voltage flows through your Neon, no person should touch the diodes when they are turned on. The diodes are covered by silicone caps, but these are removable. To protect the Neon, the front protection plate should be installed in a room/corridor with a lot of traffic. To protect third parties, a front protection plate should be installed in a public room.
No problem, we can provide a visualisation of all products with your custom design. For that we need a fully specifed project request from you.
Yes we do ship worldwide, if you country is not listed please contact us for a quotation.
Once an order has been placed the specification are set in our system and our production team will plan production. Therefore we cannot make changes at this point. If you would like upgrade or add to an order, contact us for an additional quotation.
You can pay using all major credit cards, PayPal, direct debit via Sofort or standard bank transfer.
The correct tax rate will be calculated once you move to the payment step in the checkout process. The tax (VAT) is based on location and whether you are order for personal or business use.
If you are a EU business customer with a valid EU VAT ID, we sell our products with 0% VAT as an intra-community supply of goods.

Shipping & tracking

To track your order status, please visit our support page. Log in using your order number and email address. You can then view your order details and status.
Sygns products are all shipped in proprietory packaging, each product variant has its own! Neon direct to wall & LED Neon tubes products are shipped in cartons with special foam systems. Pre-mounted Neon products are shipped in wooden crates with foam inlays Logistics via couriers, parcel service or our own logistics depending on product and lead time use case. Direct drive services can be booked in advance to reduce shipping time and guarantee tight delivery time windows.
Sygns delivers to Europe and the USA. For deliveries to another country please contact us.
Depending on the product category, usually between 2-4 weeks. If you need express delivery, please mark the express field in the project request form or contact us
We will send you a shipping notification email right when your order is shipped, but it can take up to 24 hours for the tracking number to start showing the progress of your order. Please check back later to see your order moving, or get in touch with us if you need anything else.

Returns & troubleshooting

All of our products are made to order and customised for you. Therefore, unfortunately we cannot accept any returns. If a product is faulty, we will make sure to replace the broken component as quickly as possible to get your installation working.
If your product is damaged on arrival, you should do the following: - Please check the product immediately after you receive it. - Make sure that the damage is noted by the carrier before you sign for it. - Please send us the pictures of the packaging and the damaged part so that we can handle the claim process for you. We'll send you a replacement for the defective part as soon as possible.
If your product does not work upon arrival, you should do the following: - Please check your product immediately after you receive it. - Please document the fault as well as possible and send us the pictures and a description of the fault. We will fix the problem as soon as possible so that your product is fully functional again.
If parts of the product are missing you should do the following: - Please check your product immediately after you receive it. - Send us pictures of all packaging and all components you have received. After receiving your pictures we will send the missing components as soon as possible.
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