About sygns

  • What is sygns?
    • sygns is a Berlin based design & manufacturing company that creates and curate neon light installations for clients and audiences. We partner with talented artists from interdisciplinary fields, such as architecture, fine art and graphic design to provide beautiful installations. We love light & design!
  • Why was sygns founded?
    • Through sygns, we wanted to draw a reference to the historic usage of neon. Nowadays, neon lighting is mostly found in commercials and outdoor advertisements, as so-called neon “signs”. Times Square in New York is a perfect example for this. Phonetically viewed, the pronunciation of the word is similar to that of “science”, a word which perfectly encapsulates the production process of our installations. The symbiosis between the scientific theory and the creative handling of glass leads to incomparable installations.
  • What are the guiding principles of sygns?
    • We want to develop the world’s most creative and highest quality neon light installations. We strive for excellence in design and customer orientated approach. Our goal is to make light installations universally accessible through an integrated user experience and affordable prices.
  • Where are you located?
    • We are located in Berlin, Germany and Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Who are the people behind sygns?
    • We are a team of passionate designers, artists, architects and techies, working hard to satisfy the demands of our customers and to continuously improve our service . Take a look here.


  • What is neon?
    • Neon, greek for “new” and otherwise known as 10NE, is a chemical element belonging to the noble gases. Discovered by Lord Rayleigh and William Ramsay in 1898, it serves as basic filament for our neon gas lamps. The gas is scarce and complicated to manufacture, making neon lights something extraordinary special. Neon, in its natural occurrence, has an unparalleled red-orange light. The discoverers of the gas, once finishing the separation of neon have been recorded to state that. “it was worth the struggle of the previous 2 years… for nothing in the world gave a glow such as we had seen.”
  • Which colours are available?
    • We offer the following colours within the configurator:

      Colour of Glass Colour of Light Emittance
      Clear orange-red
      Clear light blue
      White yellow
      White green
      White turquoise
      White purple

      Please see available colours in the product pages of desygns and sygned by.

  • Can I order the glass only, without the equipment?
    • Yes! If you’re not interested in lighting the installations, we’ll provide the glass only. We can prepare it to be fitted with equipment at a later point in time, in case you do want to add the light feature. If this is the case, please get in touch with our team.

  • Do you use certified products?
    • Yes! We use the highest quality of Italian and German craftsmanship: Italian neon tubes and German electronic equipment - CE certified of course. Assembly and quality assurance is conducted in Germany.
  • Are the products covered by warranty?
    • Yes! Neon lives a very long and healthy life. We offer a one year guarantee on the light emittance. Please contact our service team in the case your lights stop shining.
  • Does Neon really use less power than other light sources?
    • Yes! Neon light uses far less electricity than fluorescent lamps for example. Keeping size units fixed, neon outputs far more light than LED. Neon is extremely efficient.


  • What exactly are desygns?
    • desygns is our open edition. We look for the most talented designers and produce everyday neon interior design. Order as many installations as you like. You can even connect modules together. We’ll grow with you. Shop here.
  • How many can I order?
  • Do I need more equipment if I order more than one?
    • No. We’ll package equipment for the products so that they are ready to go on the wall.

sygned by

  • What exactly is sygned by?
    • sygned by is our limited edition featuring exclusive designs by carefully selected artists - special and personal. Every installation is hand signed. We record all data of the edition and provide all appropriate certificates. We guarantee that you’ll never find these art pieces anywhere else. Read more here.
  • How do you find artists?
    • Our art directors develop a continuous program featuring interdisciplinary artists handpicked from fields such as architecture, design, fine art and interior & graphic design. We look at established artists, and also provide upcoming artists a platform to showcase their work. Berlin is a rich setting for exploring the art scene.
  • How many can I order?
    • sygned by installations are highly limited, so act quickly. Browse here.
  • Do you provide collectors information?
    • Yes. We provide a certificate of authenticity. The artist all sign their works. We guarantee that no more units than indicated are in circulation. 


  • What exactly is the configurator?
    • The configurator is the place to express your thoughts. You can personalise and create your own unique neon installation. You can enter text and choose between different fonts and colours. Configure here.
  • What fonts are available?
    • Our signature fonts: sygns classic, sygns hozse, sygns play and sygns wild. In sygns play and wild, all letters are interconnected by glas like in normal cursive handwriting. In sygns bold, only some letters are connected however, subtle painting of the parts is used in order to conceal these connections. The connections are therefore not visible when the light is turned on.
  • Which colours can I choose?
    • We’ll show you the nicest colours available:

      Colour of Glass Colour of Light Emittance
      Clear orange-red
      Clear light blue
      White yellow
      White green
      White turquoise
      White purple
  • What’s the final height and size?
    • Font Type Height
      sygns wild 12
      sygns play 12
      sygns house 15
      sygns classic 15

      The length is a result of the number of letters and spacing inbetween. Please check the configurator for estimates.

  • Why do I need to provide the colour of my wall?
    • We will provide the optimal and most suitable equipment: if you are going to use a white background – back paint and cables are white for example. The same goes for grey and black.


  • Can I install neon lights at home?
    • Absolutely. Neon lights have been used in interior spaces for 100 years. We recommend that a professional electrician assist during the installation process. We provide a detailed manual to guide through the steps.
  • What mounting options do you offer?
    • By default, our neon installations will be screwed directly into the surface. We think this looks “urban” and “rough”. Should you wish to pre-mount the installation on a background, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • On what backgrounds can I install neon?
    • Onto whichever surface you can screw into. We’ve installed neon into: bricks, cement, mortar, wood, plastic, metal, wallpaper and numerous other materials. You can also hang neon off surfaces or ceilings with cables.
  • Do I need any equipment at home?
    • No - only electricity and a plug.
  • What kind of services do you offer?
    • We offer our design and manufacturing competencies through contracting work. In the past, we’ve worked with galleries, artists, architects and interior designers. Our team will work together with you to realise large-scale projects. We set the highest standard upon us and deliver above expectations.
  • Why should I choose you as a partner?
    • The reasons to work with us perfectly align with our focus:

      • Next level of customer experience: we want to offer an integrated process, from online purchases, personalisation up to a helping hand in the installation process. It’s our ambition to provide a full service experience.
      • Pioneers in light design: we are an experienced team of product designers and incredibly talented artist. Take a look at our curated products here.
      • Excellence through know-how: our craftsmen have been producing neon over 30 years, not long after the gas itself had just been discovered. We know the ins and outs of the material.
      • Efficiency through procedures: we transfer our optimised processes over to our customers in terms of fair pricing while maintaining the highest quality. We rigorously check our production at multiple points in the chain. We create value.
  • What information do you need to get started?
    • We’ll assist according to your level of knowledge with neon. At a basic level, we’ll need to receive design ideas electronically. Our preferred format is a vector file, illustrator or pdf, in the actual dimensions. Please tell us your desired colours. We’ll produce a neon design suggestion based on this file and decide on the most practical technical parameters for you.
      You could of course also get involved in this step, and make decisions about the following issues: mounting methods, colour / length of cables, transformer, silicon end caps, programmers, dimming, Please let us know how deep you’d like to engage. Contact us here!


  • How can I see what’s new on sygns?
    • You can browse our newest products in desygns, and sygned by. You can personalise your own light in the configurator. Just go to the sygns home page and click the category of your choice. Check out our homepage as well as our Facebook and Instagram pages. Sign up for our newsletter here!
  • How do I remove something from my cart?
    • Click the shopping cart icon in the upper right corner of the page. Click the grey “x” to the right of the item name and voila! It’s gone.
  • How long can I keep items in my shopping cart?
    • You can keep an items from the category “desygns” in your cart as long as you like. However, in case of the limited editions, where we have only limited inventory available, we can only hold items in your shopping cart for 20 minutes. If you don’t purchase lower inventory items within this time frame, they will be removed from your shopping cart and made available for others to purchase.
  • What if an item is Out of Stock? Is it gone forever?
    • Works from the limited edition are highly limited and cannot be reproduced. Please look on the secondary market to acquire pieces. You can order products from the desygns edition at any point in time. If you love the work of a certain artist and would like to know when associated products appear on sygns again, just sign up for the newsletter and we’ll email you when they are available.
  • How can I find more information about a product?
    • If something catches your eye, click on it to go to the product details page. Here you can find pictures along with the specifications of the product in the “More Details” section. Can’t find the information you’re looking for? Get in touch with our service team and we’ll find the answer for you!

      ##I know what I’m looking for. Can I search sygns?
      Just type into the search bar in the top right hand corner of the page.

  • I’m having trouble using sygns. What should I do?
    • If you are having any issues using sygns, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Our service team is here to support you.


  • From where can I order?
    • You can order from any country in the world.
  • What payment methods can I use to pay for my sygns order?
    • We accept payments via advance payment, credit cards, direct debit, PayPal and immediate bank transfers. Our checkout process is verified by Norton Secure, so you can be sure your details are always safe with us
  • How can I check on the status of my order?
    • We’ll send you an email confirming the order and provide an estimated delivery date. We’ll follow up with tracking infos when your order ships.
  • Does sygns charge sales tax?
    • Business customers from European countries with a valid tax ID and all countries outside of the European Union can shop VAT free. German and all private European customers receive a 19% Value-Added tax.


  • How does sygns ship products?
    • Most of our products ship directly from our warehouse. We ship orders via GLS and General Overnight.
  • Where does sygns ship?
    • We ship worldwide.
  • What are sygns’s shipping costs?
    • Shipping for customers in Germany cost 11,90€. European shipments cost 35€. International shipments 95€.
  • How long will it take for me to receive my order?
    • We normally deliver customised products within 2-3 weeks. We’ll provide a tracking number once the product left our warehouse.
  • Why isn’t my tracking number working?
    • We will send you a shipping notification email right when your order is shipped, but it can take up to 24 hours for the tracking number to start showing the progress of your order. Please check back later to see your order moving, or get in touch with us if you need anything else.
  • What happens if my neon doesn’t work at the time of arrival?
    • We are very careful in packaging the neon installations. Should anything not be in the best order at the time of arrival, please contact us. We’ll provide you with new installations as soon as possible. Straightforward and free of charge.


  • What is sygns return policy?
    • You can return installations within 14 days of delivery. We’ll be happy to offer a refund. Please provide feedback why you’d want to return products: we are working hard to continuously improve our production. Unfortunately we don’t offer returns for customised or products. Please contact our customer service team in case of any product faults.
  • How do I return an item?
    • Undamaged installations from the desygns edition may be returned within 14 days. Please send an email to service@sygns.com, or call us on +49 (0)30 5487 7434. We’ll provide you with a personal return label, that you can print and secure on your package. All of these details are also sent out via email. We will refund the product soon as we have received and surveyed the goods. Please let us know as to why you wanted to return products: we are working hard to continuously improve our services and your feedback is an integral part of this.