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Moss & plant walls

Moss & plant

A moss or plant wall as an installation is a statement that can be individually complemented with almost any signage type, such as neon, metal logos or LED Neon. Green plant walls consist of preserved moss or plants and do not require any additional treatment. They also come with sound absorbing characteristics.
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Moss & plant walls variant comparison

Moss walls or jungle walls are carefully conserved and only applicable for indoor use. Moss or plant panels can be suspended from the ceiling, however in most cases they are mounted against a wall. It is very common to use moss or jungle walls as a base to mount a neon logo or metal letters on top.
Plug & play
Interior design, office or store branding, tradeshows
Shop windows, free hanging
On stage, trade shows, events
Store or office front, branding of walls or buildings
Totem, restaurant menu
Only mounting, no installation needed

Moss & plant wall example

Moss and plant walls are not only a modern but also a lasting and beautiful way to present your office, business, or home in a new light. Besides an impressive plant wall, you can also create your own designs such as logos or lettering. Moss, plant or jungle walls can be combined with almost all other signage products.

Customise your Moss or plant walls

We can produce your individual idea or logo as a moss logo or on top of a moss or plant wall. You can submit your project with our request form or contact us. Please specify whether you want a moss logo, or a neon, LED or metal logo mounted on top of a moss or plant wall.
You can mount all moss logos and walls by yourself. In case you have ordered a metal or illuminated logo on top, it will be pre-mounted in most cases. For complex installations or if you simply would like to have assistance, you can book our professional mounting teams.

Moss & plant walls installation

Learn more about Moss & plant walls

What does a plant wall consist of, why does it not need any additional care and can I put together my plant wall individually? We have collected some useful and interesting insights about Moss and plant walls for you.

How sustainable are plant walls really?

Plant walls are a popular highlight for making an office a little greener not only on the outside but also in the long term. But how sustainable are plant walls really?

How do I design my individual plant wall?

Every Moss and plant wall is unique! If you want to buy a plant wall, you will find more information and inspiration here.