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  • I’m interested in a personal neon sign

    Try our tool for customising your personal neon. You can choose from a fixed selection of colours, fonts and backgrounds.

    You can also use our online form to specify more details for your project and get a personalised quote.

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    To keep track of your order including status of production and shipment, please type below your Order Number and Email:

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  • I have a technical question about the product and/or service

    To learn more about our products, technical information, installation instructions and much more, please visit our Help Center.

  • Troubleshooting
    We understand that breakages can occur during transportation. We therefore strongly recommend that you check the contents of the package as soon as it arrives. In case the content of your shipment is damaged, please send us the following within 2 days from the delivery date:
    • - Order Number and Email.
    • - Pictures of the actual damaged parts and impaired package. It is important for us to understand which exact part of the shipment is broken so we can replace this in detail.
    • - Feel free to add comments if necessary.

    We strongly recommend that you search our Help Center for potential solutions and fastest troubleshooting before contacting us. Here you can find articles explaining our products, how to install, as well as possible problems, solutions and FAQ.

    If you still need to contact us regarding a malfunctioning product, please use the following fields to explain what exactly is not working as devised. Please make sure to upload necessary videos and images to illustrate the problem, as well as your order number.

    Please note: our products have a 2 year guarantee time.
    If any components is missing in your package for any reason, please use the fields below to submit this information. Please make sure to always check the content of your package in detail and as soon as you receive it and don't hesitate in contacting us if you feel something is wrong.
    We strongly recommend that you visit our Help Center for fast and detailed troubleshooting. Here you can find extensive information about different topics regarding Purchasing, Payment, Products, Customisation, Shipment, Delivery, Installation as well as Articles about Neons and our FAQ.
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