We’re a digital design and engineering platform and strive to create the best design and production experience for our customers. We have built an expertise in neon works, and like to explore other unique and inaccessible mediums. We can support you in projects related to branding, outdoor advertising, art, architecture, interior and graphic design. Our core objective is to enhance the visibility, expression, character and differentiation of your project.

Our team consists of designers, engineers and project managers. We’re based in Berlin and Copenhagen and ship worldwide.

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The application process at sygns

We will screen your documents and get in touch with you as soon as possible.
We will get to know one another in a short phone or skype call. It is important for us to know if sygns is appealing to you. Depending on the position, a short assessment will follow.
We will have a private chat and get to know one another even better. After some internal discussions we will decide very quickly.
By the end, you might become a member of our sygns family. Your whole application process will only have taken some days.

Are you a cross-thinker? You stay on top of things even in the biggest start-up chaos? You are an absolute teamplayer? You are passionate about light, design and art? Find your dream job now:

All positions are still available, as long as their are on our homepage. If you have questions or you want to apply please contact our HR team via Phone (+ 49 (0) 30 5487 7434) or E-mail ([email protected]).