Neon sign in pink with the words "About Us" on a plant wall

About us

Our purpose

In the age of digital information overload, people and brands have difficulty being heard. Communication is more than just the message and we believe that it is strongly influenced by the medium. A letter and a voice note are perceived in very different ways. At Sygns we see ourselves as enablers of sophisticated and lasting communication. Through our custom made physical mediums we give shape to your individual ideas and expressions. We help you leave an impression!

Our work

We offer all products and services in the premium signage ecosystem, ranging from handcrafted neon signs to powder-coated channel letters. As a one stop shop, we take your ideas and handle every step from technical specification to installation on your wall. We strive to offer a seamless customer experience either through intuitive online configurators or consulting by our professionals.

Our approach

Our work is marked by a strong commitment to technology. Hence we have developed proprietary solutions in electrical, mechanical, data and software engineering. This is matched by our passion for creativity, aesthetics and expressive arts. We help our customers to be heard, however we also have something to say ourselves. With great passion, ambition and a sense of adventure we aim to push the current boundaries of business, while building a lively and humane community here at Sygns.

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