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ELBGYM Berlin-Steglitz cycle studio with pink neon lights

Gym neon signs

Better branding and ambiance for your sports venue with illuminated signage!

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Berlin city scene with a bus, a police car, pedestrians, with a large Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week glass neon logo in the background

Outdoor advertising

A deep dive into the world of OOH advertising with many real-life examples.

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ecoivent black 2D non-lit aluminium cut-out logo on white wall

Aluminium signs as business signage

Aluminium is a great material for signage. We explain why and how to use it.

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Neon sign history: A glowing journey through time

From the early 1900s until today, we're covering 100+ years of neon history!

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Mindspace sitting area with pink glass neon sign

Custom neon signs as room decor

Neon signs are not only perfect for advertising, but for decorating as well.

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Block6 retail store with glass neon logo - photo credit: Patrick Breugl, interior design: MALLUVIA innenarchitektur

Illuminated logo signs: illuminate your brand

Here is how to present your brand in the best possible light with signage.

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Sprinkles white alu name sign

Metal signs & custom metal signage

Metal letters and logos are versatile, durable and stylish. Get yours at Sygns!

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close-up shot of colourful glass neon tubes in blue, red, pink and yellow

The colours of neon lights

What is the colour of a neon light? Neon colours explained in text and pictures.

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Roland Wolff GmbH rainforest moss logo

Moss wall in house: Bringing nature indoors

Bring a bit of forest flair into your own four walls with moss or plant designs.

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close-up of a white flower bouquet on a table at a wedding reception with a blurry red neon sign on a green moss wall in the background

Wedding neon sign ideas – adding sparkle to a special day

What better way to make a special day even more memorable than with neon signs?

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Neon rainbow in multiple colours

How to fix neon signs – troubleshooting neon sign problems

Learn how to identify common neon sign issues and what is causing them.

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close-up side view of rainforest moss panel

Everything you need to know about the green wall

Find out everything you need to know about preserved moss and plant walls.

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Civey front-lit letters without background on a purple office wall

Office signs: Enhancing your office space with signage

Illuminated signs and logos go a long way in creating an appealing workplace.

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pink neon sign on transparent acrylic backplate that says

Neon signs: Design your own illuminated lettering

The new DIY trend! Discover custom-made Neon signs and lettering.

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Mykita shop storefront in New York City

Shop signs: How to grab the customers’ attention

Visibility is key for any store. Here's how you get your customers to see you.

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green neon sign

Garden neon signs: inspiration & ideas

Brighten up your outdoor space with customised neon signs for every occasion.

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house number 11 eleven pre-mounted on a backplate mounted on a brick wall at daylight with the light turned off

Decorative and illuminated house numbers

You've heard of letters, now learn about numbers – house numbers, that is.

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Percon reindeer moss logo on white wall

Moss picture care & preserved moss wall art maintenance

Learn here how to best care for and maintain your beautiful moss wall art.

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pink neon chandelier

Ceiling neon lights: ideas & best practice

Think outside the box and put some stunning neon lights on your ceiling.

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Berlinale logo neon sign in red neon on a dark grey wall

Film, neon and their reciprocal celebration

We commemorate landmarks in the long relationship between movies and neon!

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Glass neon sign production detail

Are neon signs dangerous?

Discover potential risks and dangers of using neon signs and how to avoid them!

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Detail close-up shot of glass neon tubes in production

Neon inspiration: ideas for creating a custom neon sign

Creating your custom neon sign requires some creativity – so here's some inspo!

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Love Yourself LED Neon on Jungle Plants Wall Detail Shot

Green plant or moss wall care

Find out how to keep your green wall or moss logo fresh for a long time.

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Ace & Tate storefront non-lit letters Berlin shop

Letters for shop signs & shop front lettering

Shops need signs for branding and visibility: discover best-practice use cases.

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Mykita white neon logo direct-to-wall close-up shot

Advertising technology – advertisement that shines bright

Here is how to present your brand in the best light!

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Amazon Music outdoor advertising panorama shot

Illuminated advertising signs – company sign use cases and advantages

Why your business needs illuminated advertising signs and how best to use them.

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red glowing glass neon tubes detail shot

Neon gas: Every fact about neon you’ll ever need to know

Learn all about the element neon, its chemical properties and its applications!

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1komma5° showroom hamburg LED neon suspended on backplate

Alternatives to neon signs for commercial, design and home use

Neon is not your thing? Not to worry, there are plenty of other options!

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close-up shot of decorative tableware at ambiente frankfurt with visitors passing in the background

Ambiente 2023 in Frankfurt: trade fair for consumer goods

Insights into what visitors can expect at this must-attend event of the season.

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Sygns logo as white fully lit machined letters on black box standing on a desk

New product: machined, fully lit letters

Learn all about the newest member of our Letters product family!

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