Neon sign The new DIY trend for your home!

Neon interior decoration is totally in demand at the moment! The beautiful Neon letters and colourful motifs can really brighten up your own four walls. Whether in the kitchen, bathroom, living room or bedroom, the individually designed Neon signs are a real eye-catcher. With Sygns you can design and order your Neon sign online!

Neon green neon sign on a wall with the words "Super Nice"

DIY: Create your own Neon sign for your home!

Colourful Neon sign deco is particularly convincing because of its cheerful look. Thanks to the variety of colours, each decorative object shines uniquely and can be easily combined with a wide range of furnishing styles. A Neon does not always have to be just a Neon sign. Whether a Neon flamingo or personalised drawing, Sygns designs and produces individual Neon decoration & Neon signs.

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From Neon signs to Neon light design!

Illuminated advertising has been around since 1912, when Neon signs first adorned a hairdressing salon in the trendy Montmartre district of Paris. At that time, however, the handmade Neon sign was far from being a trend. It was not until 1923 that the colourful light became a must-have in Los Angeles. But the light went out again in the course of the Second World War and only experienced its brilliant comeback in the 70s & 80s. From then on, Neon was indispensable. Whether in bars, boutiques or discotheques - the unique Neon signs still attract attention today.

An organ-generic neon lettering on a wall in an office
A lettering with the words "Naked" placed above a shelf
Neon with with the word "Relax"

Let there be light This is how your Neon sign shines most beautifully!

There are no limits to creativity when decorating with Neon wall lights. Neon sign deco can be combined in many ways. However, there are a few things to consider.. For example, a bright Neon sign looks best placed on a dark wall. This makes the motif shine even more intensely, giving brilliant contrast.

Neon light with the words "Cafe"
The first neon sign in a shop window in Paris

With smaller Neons, care should be taken to ensure that they do not look lost on the wall. It is therefore advisable to combine them with other decorative objects. Illuminated lettering can also be used as a special element within a picture gallery.

A pink neon sign with the words "meine version"
A pink neon sign with the words "fuck"

In general, it can be said that every Neon sign, whether switched on or off, in the office or at home, whether classic white or colourful, is a special eye-catcher.

Let yourself be inspired Ready-made Neon signs and motifs for your home!

If you are looking for a ready-made Neon sign or a special motif, you should definitely take a look at our illuminated designs. They are not only a beautiful way to present your home in a new light, but also work as a special gift for many occasions! If you're not sure which luminous motif will go down best, you can use a voucher and allow them to design their own special sign.

comic hand showing a peace sign made of white neon light
Organic heart made of red neon lights in an acrylic box
Pink neon flamingo in an acrylic box in front of a plant wall

Plug and Play? How to install your Neon sign correctly!

A Neon or LED sign can be installed in many ways, whether outdoors or indoors.

Horizn Studios suitcase made of bright neon light in a shop window hanging from the ceiling
Hanging from the ceiling
Red neon lettering with the words "Dream Less...Mess"
Mounted directly on the wall
Red Young Thug logo in neon letters on a wall
Hung on the wall, with our pre-mounted on an acrylic panel variant

Tips for easy mounting of your Neon sign!

As with the color, size and shape of the neon sign, the options for installation are many. It is important to consult in advance with an expert in neon light design.

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Design and order Neon signs and Neon letters online!

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We will support you with your Neon sign project! As experts in Neon signs, we will guide you from the right specification through to the finished installation!