Illuminated advertising Time to shine!

If you have something to say today, you need more than just words. As a worldwide manufacturer of illuminated signage, Sygns supports you in choosing the right illuminated advertising for your company. In addition, we accompany the process with safe shipping and an installation service, whether it's an entire illuminated advertising system, an illuminated shop sign or illuminated individual letters.

Mercedes Stern Logo aus Neonlicht

Illuminated advertising as a real eye-catcher!

Light advertising is probably one of the most effective means of communication in outdoor advertising. The special lighting effect ensures that the advertising stands out clearly from its surroundings and is thus perceived as stronger, more lively and more modern.

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Let there be light!

Fashion Week exterior facade neon light logo Mercedes Benz

Outdoor advertising hits us in more than one form: Neon and LED lights, 2D or 3D letters and logos, advertising lightboxes, projecting signs or entire plant walls are just a few of the possibilities with which events, trade fair stands, office buildings or shops can be presented in a new light. A logo can be illuminated from the inside or create a halo effect by means of backlighting. Illuminated lettering, for example, can be ideally used to really set the scene for a company logo on the wall of a building. Illuminated advertising is also suitable for trade fairs or similar events where a company wants to present itself.

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Urban jungle The green light for business

Sustainability is no longer just a fashion trend. More and more companies and brands are striving for a green image. Here, too, illuminated advertising can provide support. If you have had enough of a grey office wall, you can replace it with a green plant wall and add a neon lettering or LED light as a special eye-catcher.

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We are healthcare lettering made of red LED neon attached to a plant wall

Gas in a glass A classic of illuminated advertising

Neon is and remains a very special form of illumination. It captures attention and offers an infinite number of applications. The neon tubes are still handmade today, which makes every Neon sign unique.

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Large neon lettering with the words Christmas Power in a natural landscape
Red Berlinale bear as neon motif
Ace and tate store front with a neon sign in the window

LED illuminated advertising The modern offspring of illuminated advertising

LED technology offers new and modern possibilities in the fields of illuminated advertising and illuminated sign printing. With the help of this technology, advertising signs can be illuminated evenly in true colours with the use of numerous LEDs. LED illuminated advertising is very versatile and can take the form of boxes, neon imitations, tubes or profile letters and logos.

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Dussmann yellow LED neon sign with the words "Vinyl" in dark environment

Illuminated advertising in illuminated letters

Illuminated letters as illuminated advertising are, besides lightboxes (projecting signs), a proven means of advertising technology. Today, professional letters in all fonts can be displayed in 3D as well as in 2D. For backlit advertising the letters and logos can be illuminated from behind and also from the front by using LEDs.

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A&O 2D letter mounted on wall
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