Illuminated signage An effective advertising medium

Illuminated advertising signs offer several advantages over the classic advertising sign. This effective advertising medium manages to put individual illuminated advertising into the limelight exceptionally well and to be particularly attention-grabbing due to its radiant power. Sygns produces lightboxes signs, illuminated shop signs, LED illuminated signs and furthermore illuminated advertising signage.

Roses Cologne logo as a nose sign with a rose made of neon light

What exactly is illuminated signage?

Illuminated signage is just one of the many ways to present a logo or company sign in a new light. It comes in a wide variety of forms. Simply put, an advertising sign should attract attention. It is not surprising that an illuminated sign is usually more effective than a non-illuminated sign - after all, who is not fascinated by something that sparkles and shines!

Google logo as neon motif in bright colours

What is behind the illuminated signage?

The technology behind the illuminated sign has evolved over time. In 1923, the first Neon illuminated signage hung in a shop window in Paris. A real retro Neon sign can still be found today at flea markets and vintage stores. Later, in the 1960s, the first LEDs (Light Emitting Diode) were produced. But only recently have technical developments in brightness and colour availability made this lighting a popular technology for custom illuminated signs.

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Dussmann yellow LED neon sign with the words " Vinyl"
A neon tube in a flame

Illuminated signage, one sign, two technologies!

Two light sources can be used for an illuminated company logo or advertising sign. But what is the difference between an LED illuminated sign and a Neon illuminated sign? LED light for illuminated advertising signs is above all more durable than other illuminated signs. Due to the use of modern polymers and no glass, this signage type is less prone to breakages, great for travelling from exhibition to exhibition. LED illuminated signs are particularly popular in public spaces, as they do not necessarily have to be protected with an acrylic panel.

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This illuminated signage technology is also weather resistant. Such illuminated advertising signage is produced with components suitable for outdoor use. This can also be useful indoors, for example, if the illuminated sign is installed near fountains, swimming pools or a similar location where moisture can be found.

How and where is it best to install an illuminated sign?

This makes this type of illuminated sign particularly popular for trade fairs, series events, as well as shopping centres and similar locations. Whether it is an illuminated bar or advertising sign: illuminated signage can be mounted directly to the wall, hung from the ceiling, mounted outdoors or indoors.

A trade show booth from the SAP brand with various landmarks in neon attached to a wall
Ping Ping logo in neon letters in a nose debt as outdoor signage
Tannhaus lightbox suspended and mounted on the wall of the house

The right illuminated signage for your company!

If you want to illuminate your shop or are still looking for an illuminated company logo, you will find a variety of projects here for inspiration.

Nike showroom in which there is a yellow XXL frame in which the Nike logo made of neon light was fixed
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plant wall with pink neon lettering with the words "Love on the Rocks"