LED vs. Neon The most important differences

LED Neon is the youngest member of the Neon family. But which is better suited for your project: Neon or Led? Sygns has been the platform for individual light tubes for years and supports you in choosing the right lighting technology for your illuminated sign.

LED neon lettering with the words "You're so cool" mounted on a plexiglass panel

Technical differences of LED vs. Neon

While modern LED lighting has become the frontrunner in the signage industry, tradional Neon lighting remains popular. Yet the difference between Neon and LED is not always immediately apparent. The most obvious difference between LED and Neon lighting is that Neon lighting is a handmade glass tube. The light is produced by reactions with an inert gas that releases energy to give off a fluorescent colour.

hands fixing a neon tube

Neon tubes are beautifully crafted, but they are also very fragile. There is also an increased risk of the fluorescent tube being damaged if handled incorrectly. If the tube is damaged, our power supply units have a so-called no-load protection. This means that if the tubes are damaged, the current automatically stops flowing to prevent unwanted accidents. Because of these protective safety features and their enticing display, Neon sign products are very popular for businesses looking for that classic style.

Audi logo installed as an illuminated neon motif on a wall

LED lights and signs are made using light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that are strung closely together so that the light they emit overlaps to create a uniform light source. LED signs are less prone to accidental damage and are easier to transport from location to location. This makes them a popular choice for exhibitions, temporary displays and shows.

Which style is right for you?

Whether the classic emotional Neon style or the modern edge of LED Neon, Sygns has the right style for you. There is a reason that Neon signs have remained so popular with businesses around the world. The light they emit is warm and inviting. The Neon light itself evokes a long forgotten nostalgia in us. For as long as we can remember, Neon signs have shone in places like Las Vegas, Tokyo and New York. So the effect of Neon as opposed to LED is primarily an emotional one. LED light is very precise and can quickly be perceived as cold. However, unlike Neon, LED is a modern technology and therefore spreads a futuristic feeling. In addition, LED signs are ideal for trade fair stands or other flexible transport.

A trade show booth from the SAP brand with various landmarks in neon attached to a wall
Illuminated motif spaghetti beard made of neon light

How much does it cost to operate LED vs. Neon?

When looking at the cost difference between LED and Neon illuminated signs, it again depends on the size of the light display. For large displays designed for outdoor use, LED Neon can be slightly cheaper than the classic Neon light tubes. When talking about large signs, the balance may tip in favour of LED. For smaller signage, the cost difference between Neon and LED is negligible.

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LED vs. Neon which technology wins?

Since humans are visual creatures by nature, illuminated advertising is probably one of the most modern techniques to attract the attention of customers. Which illuminated advertising is advantageous and whether LED or Neon is more suitable as a technology depends not only on the product variant, installation, assembly or idea, but also on your personal preference. Your own feelings are just as decisive in determining whether an LED or Neon sign is more suitable for your home or business.

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So if you are looking for a suitable illuminated sign for your business, we will be happy to help you choose the right technology.

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