Advertising technology Advertising that makes everyone shine

Light and advertising technology translates every communication idea, whether LED advertising or old neon signs, into effective advertising measures! From outdoor 3D letters to classic sign making to complex exhibition stands, Sygns is a sign and light advertising manufacturer for advertising technology near you.

Miracle logo on a roof at night from neon light

Advertising technology as a modern move!

To present your brand in the best light, we offer a wide range of advertising technology products for every location and every occasion. Whether at the point of sale, for the office, at conferences, trade fairs or other events - indoor or outdoor.

But even the best idea is only really successful if it attracts the desired attention. Advertising technology companies are there to translate individual projects and wishes into light box advertising, a logo light box or similar. For advertising technology to be more than just a technique, it needs a clear message, a clear design and a creative idea! This is the only way to ensure that the advertising catches the eye of the target group.

Professional advertising technology vs. creative advertising technology

Ace and tate store front with a neon sign in the shop window
The lettering Rox in red 2D letters with white backlight mounted on a wall

More than just a technique for advertising!

Hands down: If you feel good, you like to stay longer. On the one hand, advertising technology can serve a purely professional purpose, but at the same time it also fulfils a much deeper need of all of us: Warmth. Advertising technology in combination with LED or neon can fill a room with a unique atmosphere. What does that mean in concrete terms? If the customer feels comfortable in the shop, a stroll may turn into a spontaneous shopping trip. If the employee feels good because his office is decorated with a great moss wall or other advertising techniques, the office may become a feel-good place.

But the external image of a brand can also change for the better with advertising technology. An example: Have you ever walked through your neighbourhood when it was dark? Most likely yes! you look around to the left and right, see your favourite baker and your trusted bookseller and... what's that? A new restaurant with a great neon sign! During the day, we usually don't have time to look much to the left and right, but as soon as it gets a little darker, we even orient ourselves by the light. So it can happen that something catches our eye that has been there for a long time but has not yet been put in the right light.

In other words: advertising technology is advertising that never sleeps and draws attention to it even when you have already locked the door to your shop.

Advertising technology A radiant universe

Of course, advertising technology should be individual and personal, because only then can it clearly stand out from the competition and symbolise your company or brand through message, quality and design.

What advertising technology does Sygns offer?

Like the industry itself, we are always evolving. Starting with neon signs, we now offer our so-called Multi Products. These consist of:


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Learn more about Neon

LED Neon

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Learn more about LED Neon

2D letters & logos

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Learn more about 2D letters & logos

3D letters & logos

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Learn more about 3D letters & logos

Light boxes & nose signs

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Learn more about Light boxes & nose signs

Moss and plant walls

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Learn more about Moss and plant walls

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