The green wall Everything you need to know!

The colour green is associated with many positive traits. Not only is it the colour of hope, but it is also said to have a relaxing effect and - promote concentration. If you want to do something good not only for your health but also for your interiour, you should consider designing your walls green! No, we are not talking about the wall colour! We want your walls to finally blossom, and we mean that literally!

neon lettering with the words "We are Builders" on a plant wall

The green wall The miracle cure for open-plan offices?

Global companies have been relying on the green wall for some time now. As an example Google's entrance hall in Sydney is ornated by such a natural beauty. Moreover the legendary department store, Macy's in New York used plant walls for the design of shop windows and many gastronomy businesses now rely on the atmospheric energy of the indoor plant wall. For a green wall or vertical garden, conserved plants or moss are mounted on a background to create a wall in the spirit of nature. The green wall not only impresses with its natural appearance, but also with its ability to give any room a relaxed ambience. They come with sound absorbing characteristics and enhance the three dimensional perception of any room. In addition, thanks to the varying installation methods, green walls are very versatile and can be used individually even in small or dark rooms.

We are healthcare lettering made of red LED neon attached to a plant wall

The advantages of a green wall

Apart from the advantages already mentioned, a plant wall has many other benefits.

  • Green walls improve room acoustics. Large-scale green walls can improve this enormously, as the green plant walls can serve as sound insulation. If this is the primary goal, certain moss with further improvement characteristics can be specified..
  • Green walls can be used as a room or desk divider. Green walls can divide open-plan offices, but also one's own four walls, in a special way.
  • Green walls are produced using preserved moss and plants, this means they no longer require watering or maintenance. Simply install and enjoy.
moss wall as a decorative element in the office
Green moss wall with a bright neon font "tomorrow" on it

However, the advantages of green walls are not only limited to offices and smaller spaces, they can be used on larger scales for indoor exhibitions and interior architectural features such as vertical gardens.

A special plus of the green wall? Green plant walls attract useful insects such as butterflies and can provide retreats and nesting places for birds. Of course, the relaxing and natural look with its advantages also comes to the green walls in the outdoor area. On a small scale, plant walls can also decorate balconies and small terraces, because it is here that every centimeter counts. Vertical arrangement makes it possible to grow green plants without losing valuable space.

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