The green plant wall How to turn your office into an urban jungle!

A green plant wall in the office? Not only does it look good, it also goes down well with employees and clients! Sygns gives the green light for open-plan offices or your own four walls.

Neon lettering with the words "We are builders" on a plant wall

Green, greener, plant wall!

Green plant walls are absolutely trendy! The creatively designed green plant walls bring the diversity of nature into the interior provide a pleasant feel-good atmosphere. The principle of the green plant wall is copied directly from nature: The French botanist and garden artist Patrick Blanc noticed during a stay in Thailand in the 1970s that plants not only grow on the ground, but also on rock walls. He then developed his impressive "murs végétaux" (plant walls) - facade greenery that, thanks to a sophisticated irrigation system, can not only survive but also grow without soil in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

This is how green plant walls are created!

Bringing the concept indoors Sygns offers a range of Moss and Plant walls. The plants and moss are cultivated and grown before being harvested with a special technique. They are then preserved by replacing the natural water found in the plant with glycerine and the chlorophyll colouring. The plants and moss are then arranged by specialist florists by hand, giving the finished article, whether that be a company logo in moss or a complete wall overflowing with jungle plants.

Green plant walls A plant space divider as a real highlight!

Green plant walls can be used as sound or privacy screens in offices, homes or at trade fairs. In addition, a plant wall is always an absolute eye-catcher.

Plant wall with pink neon lettering with the words "Love on the Rocks"
"We are healthcare" Lettering made of red LED neon attached to a plant wall

Suitable plants for a green plant wall

Many different plants with a wide variety of characteristics are suitable for use on an indoor green plant wall. They all offer leaves or moss in lush green tones. Popular plants and moss options for indoor green walls are, for example, ferns that cope well with less light, have a strong leaf colour and an interesting leaf shape. But beautiful individual green plant walls can also be created with various succulents, mosses such as Reindeer Moss. However, these characteristics must be taken into the decision:

  • How far can the plant's leaves project into the room?
  • Would you like a complete or partial wall covering?
  • Would you like a more organic vibe with subtle moss or more wild with a jungle plant variety?

How to design your green plant wall correctly!

You can let your imagination run wild when designing your green plant wall. A plant wall can have a calming effect, especially in smaller areas. To add some variety to your green wall, you can also arrange rows of plants in different ways. For larger areas, curved patterns or a flat arrangement of different plant species create a beautiful effect for a green plant wall.

The use of green plant walls

One of the most important benefits of green walls inside a house is the positive effect that plants have on people. Studies have shown, among other things, that people who look at plants experience much less stress. In addition, plants in the working environment can improve employee memory and concentration. The scientists were also able to prove an increased motivation of the employees. This pleasant effect on the mind is one of the reasons why green plant walls are now increasingly found in highly frequented locations such as hotels, restaurants and large offices.

Sound insulation through green plant walls

Green plant walls can offer a great advantage for acoustics. Particularly in large spaces such as offices, hotel foyers and waiting rooms, the use of a green wall can reduce reverberation. The size of the foliage, the density of the foliage and the number of plants in a room also increases the degree of sound attenuation. Thoughtful positioning for sound attenuation is especially useful when rooms have many hard materials, such as natural stone floors. Furthermore, the many leaves of the plant provide a kind of sound insulation, which is also used for hedges in the garden - they intercept sounds and can dampen them. In this way, they can provide a quiet environment and reduce background noise.

It doesn't get any greener than this? Order your green plant wall now!

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