Colorful Google logo in acyrl box with neon light


The neon light comes from electrified gas inside glass tubes. The effect of neon is truly unique. Neither can neon be fully imitated nor digitally represented. We have developed different installation mechanisms to mount neon, hang or stand neons on plates, in boxes or even neon inside a mirror.

Technical drawing of the product Neon with the letter "A".

Direct to wall Without background

  • Distance holders screwed directly into wall
  • Neon tubes clipped in
  • Coherent installation guidance
  • Very pure effect

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Technical drawing of the product Neon mounted directly on the wall with the letter "A".

Pre-mounted Plate

  • Plug & play
  • Tubes are pre-mounted on acrylic or alu plate
  • To be mounted to wall or suspended from ceiling
  • Coloured or transparent plates available

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Technical drawing of the product Neon in an acrylic box with the letter "A".

Encased Acrylic box

  • Plug & play
  • Neon tubes & converter installed inside transparent acrylic box
  • Standing, suspended or screwed against the wall
  • Best option for re-transportation

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Technical drawing of the product Neon in a mirror box with the letter "A"

Mirror box Neon inside a mirror

  • Plug & play
  • Alu box with mirror on the front and neon inside
  • Neon only visible through mirror when turned on
  • Infinity effect possible

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See our technical Neon specifications

Neon variant comparison

In our application table you will find different ways to install your neon sign. Match your use case with the correct product type to ensure the right match before placing an order. Especially for large installations, tradeshows, events or shop windows we recommend a close look at our table.

Indoor Outdoor Plug & play
Wall Hanging Standing Wall Hanging
Interior design, office or store branding, tradeshows Shop windows, free hanging On stage, trade shows, events Store or office front, branding of walls or buildings Totem, restaurant menu Only mounting, no installation needed
Direct to wall Without background
Pre-mounted Plate
Encased Acrylic box
Mirror box Neon inside a mirror

Find specific information about neon in our specification catalogue

Customise your individual neon

We can produce your individual idea or logo in neon. You can submit your project with our neon request form or simply use our intuitive online neon configurator. You can chose text or upload images and are guided through the entire process.

Neon configurator

Most variants of Neon are "plug & play", which means that they only need to be plugged in to work. The "direct to wall" option required a simple installation for which we provide neon installation instructions. Alternatively you can request on offer for a neon installation team to come to your facility and mount your neon for you end to end.

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Neon installation

Learn more about neon signs

What is the difference between neon and LED light? When does neon work well as decoration? And what is the secret behind the gas in the glass? As you can see, we love neon! That’s why we wrote some more stories and insights about neon that might interest you.

How a neon sign is produced

We let you take a peak behind the scenes of the unique neon effect and show you the journey from the handmade neon tube to the finished neon sign.

Detail of a curved neon tube in production
Premium Fashion Week hall with a hanging neon sign with the words: "Hall 8"

Different neon mounting options

You have many options to bring that glow to your store, exhibition booth or home with neon. We will show you which neon installation method best fits for your project!

Neon sign as a gift?

If you want to buy a neon sign without creating a design yourself you will find great ideas in our desygns section!

Neon Peace sign as a hand on a background