The light box Advertising that shines from within!

Led light boxes literally shine at us! The Led for light boxes makes this advertising medium particularly eye-catching! To have the lightbox advertising printed, all you need is a motif, logo or lettering! At Sygns you can have your lightbox printed individually, on both sides or on one side with lightbox foil.

An information lightbox that shows different places like the way to the toilet

Light box printing - how does it work?

Energy-efficient LED technology is particularly suitable for illuminating light boxes.

 Depending on the design, lightboxes can be printed either by foil cutting or digital printing. With a foil cut, the light box motif can be printed positively or negatively. In addition, it is possible to have the motifs only partially illuminated by so-called "decoupled" lettering

Tannhaus lightbox suspended and mounted on the wall of the house
A round nose shield with the logo of the brand Leica in the color red

This creates an interesting combination of day and night effect of the led light box. With the help of digital printing, photo motifs can be produced and inscribed for the backlighting, depending on the resolution of the artwork.

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Light boxes as eye-catchers in the pedestrian zone!

If you want to buy a lightbox, you have many options. For a lightbox advertisement, whether for indoor or outdoor use, the desired dimensions, colours and print shapes can be individually determined. For a logo lightbox, lightbox letters or other lightbox advertising, there are different specifications, variants and forms of illumination.

Becycle Berlin logo mounted as a nose-shield glowing at night on an exterior facade

Buy and design your lightbox advertising online!

If you want to buy a lightbox backlit, lightbox logo or similar lightbox advertising online, you can do so here. As a manufacturer of illuminated signs, we support you in choosing the right product and suitable printing method for your lightbox.

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