3D letters

3D letters & logos have a variety of applications. Whether as illuminated letters, 3D objects in the office, as free-standing letters at a company event or as eye-catching outdoor advertising on the facade of a house. Sygns helps you to find the right 3D letters for your project.

The lettering Rox in red 2D letters with a white backlight mounted on a wall

What makes the 3D letters so special?

Every word contains at least one of the 26 letters of the alphabet. The results range from the magical three words: "I love you" to less magical ones like: "Keep off the grass". It is the combination of letters and words that creates the meaning and thus a clear message. But it is not only Scrabble fans who are fascinated by putting together individual letters to create a meaningful word. Letters as 3D objects are becoming more and more popular and now carry many company logos, guiding principles or philosophies. This world of playing with letters, words and meaning opens up a new world of outdoor advertising: instead of writing it on a piece of paper, write it on your office wall!

With matching profile letters, the furnishings of a room can be upgraded. At the same time, 3D or 3D LED letters and logos give us the opportunity to send a message. This can be thoughtful, encouraging, funny or ironic: Everything is possible and it is up to you. Decorative letters are therefore aimed at everyone who enjoys playing with words and decorating their home.

The lettering "Josephs" in 3D letters on a store front above the entrance

3D letters The different materials

3D letters, or profile letters, can be made of different materials. The decisive factor here is on the one hand personal taste, but also the environment of the installation. Are you looking for an illuminated 3D company logo for your shop or office? Or are you looking for larger numbers of letters in 3D form for retail or wholesale, gastronomy, hotel chains, restaurants, various trade fair or company events? Depending on the appearance, logo design and size of the 3D letters, you can choose suitable letter material for the production of your 3D letter. The possibilities are unlimited and range from:

  • solid-coloured acrylic glass
  • clear acrylic glass
  • PVC (rigid foam) white or lacquered
  • aluminium dibond
  • aluminium
  • wood

For 3D acrylic logos or lettering, for example, completely dyed acrylic glass material is used. The surface and processing edges of the acrylic material are high-gloss. The acrylic milled letters are available in all common RAL colour shades. Another popular stylistic device are the 3D illuminated letters or an illuminated logo on the outside facade of the office or store. This way you can be sure that your shop will attract attention even at night.

Headstarts Studio Logo in 2D and 3D letters mounted on the wall

Suitable 3D letters for every style

3D letters are modern home accessories that offer plenty of scope for creative design. Not only the message but also the style should play a role. For this reason, we offer different styles and designs. Besides the design, the materiality of the letters is also decisive for the later effect. If warm colours and wooden furniture determine the ambience, a lettering made of aluminium dibond will probably look out of place. Wooden letters, on the other hand, support the atmosphere and can provide a suitable eye-catcher.

And there are virtually no limits to the choice of colours for 3D letters and logos. 3D letters made of hard foam and poplar or birch veneer are particularly suitable for spraying, painting or sticking on. In this way, 3D decorative letters can be individually coordinated with the colours of the living or working space. Another important point: Not all letters of a 3D lettering have to have the same colour! Two- or three-coloured letters are also possible.

The number 1 as a 3D number shining on a blue wall

3D letters and logos to match your exhibition stand

Letters and logos can provide that little extra on an exhibition stand. Depending on the object design, stand concept and intended use of the 3D elements, a variety of suitable designs of 3D objects can be installed. Whether as a wall logo according to the given corporate design or standing XXL letters, which can also be converted into a special table element. There are extensive areas of application, installation possibilities and technical challenges for a trade fair stand concept. Our special assembly team will be happy to assist you at any time with the technical 3D implementation.

3D letters and 3D objects for congresses and events

Profile letters, 3D led letters or 3D wooden letters are often used as stage elements at congresses, conferences and incentives. The 3D letters made of Styrofoam or Styrodur are also very popular as a "handheld" element for a group of people at a photo shoot. There is the possibility to promote upcoming events prominently. It is an eye-catcher for every viewer and leaves a lasting impression. A good example are the scarlet letters "TED" which have already decorated several stages.

Urban Outfiiters 3D logo exterior facade in a shopping street in Berlin

Design 3D letters, 3D logos & 3D lettering

Individual letters, logos or entire lettering in 3D - simply design your advertising, company name or company logo three-dimensionally! We offer the right solution for your creative idea and accompany you in the implementation of your 3D project from start to finish, end-to-end! That's right, even from the actual idea to the assembly of your 3D lettering or creative logo. We are looking forward to your project!

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