Single letters An alphabet of possibilities

Whether it's a free-form logo, lettering or an individual custom design: Single letters radiate a special elegance both indoors and outdoors. As a signage platform, we custom build lettering signage per your requirements and deliver it right when you need it. We also offer a selection of 3D letters, profile letters, milled letters also known as CNC cut letters and other individual illuminated signage.

Miracle logo on a roof at night from neon light

The different materials for single letters

We'll show you the different materials for your project and explain how and where which variant can be used best.

Acyrlic, aluminium, powder coated aluminium, alu-dibond

Whether an acrylic letter or metal letter: the special thing about two or three-dimensional letters is their versatility. Single letter advertising can always be redesigned, adapted and personalised. The different materials play a major role in this. Acyrlic letters, aluminium letters, powder coated aluminium and aluminium dibond single letters are milled and lasered using the latest techniques. The colour, size and thickness of the individual letters varies depending on the project and material. 3D letters are machined out of polymer or built out of acrylic or metal profiles with a front diffuser in case of LED lighting.

More single letters - Wood & MDF

If the 3D chrome letter or metal letter is too futuristic for you, you can of course also use milled letters from a range of wood materials. Common wood options include MDF (medium density fibreboard) or Muliplex board (laminated wood with top layer) for your company logo or advertising sign. 3D wooden letters made of MDF are available in a natural shade or in a darker material dyed through. Here too, the thickness of the material depends on your ideas and wishes. If you have a specific colour in mind for your single letter advertising, letters made of MDF, acrylic or PVC are ideal. This type of single letters can be painted in all RAL colours.

The lettering Rox in red 2D letters with white backlight mounted on a wall

Installation of single letters

Single letters can be installed and mounted in different ways, depending on the product variant. Illuminated letters, LED single letters, a 3D or Plexiglas logo illuminated or similar backlit illuminated letters must not only be mounted but also installed. In most cases this works "plug & play". The installation can be done by you, a craftsman or technician.

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Becycle Berlin logo from 2D and neon light

Single letters can also be ordered with a double-sided adhesive tape and matching template. Single letters can also be mounted in advance on a carrier plate (PVC, Acrylic, Dibond, Aluminium) if the single letters are not to be mounted directly on a wall. Here, too, there is the option of direct mounting or using spacers.

Illuminated single letters

Backlit signage letters create a more prominent and elegant effect. The back lighting comes from LED diodes integrated on the back of the letters. 3D letters are illuminated by LED modules which are placed inside to light up the front of the letters or logo. On the front is an acrylic diffuser plate, ensuring an even spread of light. Alternatively the letter or logo can be shining on the:

  • side (side-lit)
  • back (back-lit)
  • a combination of the above (front-side-lit)
Headstarts studio logo in 2D and 3D letters mounted on the wall
The number 1 as 3D number shining on a blue wall

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Whether letter signs for conference rooms, as decoration or as a real eye-catcher on the company facade: single letters are suitable for almost every occasion.

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