LED Neon Flex

Modern illuminated advertising!

Are you looking for a product that casts a homogeneous light, has flexible shaping possibilities and is particularly durable? Then you are looking for LED Neon Flex also referred to as LED flex tubes. The LED Neon is an extremely flexible product that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use thanks to its high degree of protection.

Best friends lettering from LED neon in pink on the wall

What exactly is LED Neon Flex?

In an LED Flex tube, the individual LEDs are not visible. This creates a continuous, homogeneous strip of light that can be custom shaped in curves and bends. These properties make Neon LED particularly suitable for decorative and ambient applications, e.g:

  • Lettering with LED Neon Flex
  • Logo design and graphic representations
  • Facade lighting, room accentuation
  • Light accents on (curved) edges

The homogeneity of the LED Neon Flex is created by the milky-opal silicone cover that completely surrounds the LED ribbon. This silicone cover also makes the ribbon waterproof, making it suitable for outdoor use and all other environments.

Bending options for LED Neon Flex tapes

The tapes have two different orientations in which they can be bent:

  • horizontally (e.g. for lettering, logos, etc.)
  • vertically (for curved edges etc.)

When choosing Neon Flex tapes, always make sure that the particular bending option is the right one for your project, or ask our team for advice.

Neon signs and LED neon signs What's the difference?

The best way to attract attention to your business is to have a brightly coloured and well-lit sign on the facade. Humans are visual creatures by nature and if you can attract their attention, there is a pretty good chance that they will become customers too. While Neon illuminated signs have traditionally been at the forefront of business advertising, the LED market is becoming increasingly popular.

Dussmann yellow LED neon sign with the words "Vinyl"
Logo lettering with the letters "MO" made of LED neon pre-mounted on a plexiglass plate

Probably the most obvious difference between LED neon flex and neon lighting is that neon lamps consist of a handmade glass tube . The light is produced by reactions with an inert gas that emit a fluorescent colour due to the release of energy. LED Neon signs are created with small light emitting diodes (LEDs) that are placed close together so that the light they emit overlaps to create a uniform glow.

LED Neon signs are made by taking a Flexible LED rope and placing it into a mould in the shape of the desired logo. Neon signs are made without a mould, instead the glass bender, bends the neon tube over a burner. This traditional craftsmanship is what makes neon tubes so special, but they are very fragile and there is a risk of damaging the tube if it is mishandled. If the tube is damaged, the sign should have open circuit protection. This means that if the tubes are damaged, the current will automatically stop flowing. Because of this, both LED Neon and Neon are safe when installed correctly.

Energy efficiency of LED Neon Flex

Though modern Neon power supplies have caught up and are now quite energy efficient, LEDs are still that little bit more efficient. For businesses looking for the most energy-efficient lighting or signage option, LED uses less electricity than a neon light. So if you're thinking about a large outdoor LED neon light installation, you can certainly make financial savings with this technology. However, for a business sign or small light display, the actual costs of neon and LED Neon Flex lighting are very similar, so there is little difference between the two.

LED Neon Flex The advantages at a glance

If you take a look at an LED lamp test, it becomes clear that there are many good arguments in favour of LED lamps. The obvious advantages of light-emitting diodes over other lamps are, above all:

  • low power consumption
  • high quality of light
  • long service life

Added to this is the fact that the modern light-emitting diodes allow for colour changing, further individuality that was previously unthinkable. Today, LED Neon colour changing can be controlled easiy via remote or a central control system. LED Neon lamps are available in all light colours and are therefore suitable for every requirement. Whether accent lighting in warm tones for the living space, cooler functional tones for the kitchen and office space.

What other advantages does LED Neon Flex offer?

LEDs offer flicker-free light - even strong impacts and vibrations cannot impair the clear light. High-quality LEDs hardly develop any heat, which makes them safe lighting for children's rooms.

Luminous flux measurement: brightness is measured in lumens

LEDs use one-tenth the energy of traditional incandescent bulbs, so they produce far more lumens (luminous flux) per watt. Brightness is therefore no longer assessed by wattage, but by lumen value. A 60W bulb, for example, produces a luminous flux of about 730 lumens.

Dimming and colour variation allows the correct ambiance for any moment

Dimmable signs can be adjusted based on the available daylight or the mood you would like to set. In general, it is easy to regulate the brightness of LED neon, often by remote control.

A special highlight of LED Neon Flex technology is its ability to be easily animated, it can be programmed with set animation for colour changes, dimming, fade in & out. LED neoncan also be provided with standard colour changers, requiring no programming Simply select the mode you would like, continuous colour transitions and for preset colour programmes.

In which variations can I order LED Neon Flex?

Sygns offers various options for an LED Neon. From the pre-assembled on a background with hidden power supply to the LED Neon directly on the wall, a variety of options can be made.

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