sygns means
fascinating light art in chic neon designs

The rich, vibrant glow of neon lights illuminates the nightly gloom. Originally developed for the advertising industry, nowadays neons are increasingly associated with art and design. Although the number of neon advertisements dwindles, artistic neon installations still make the world shine in colorful splendor.



We're happy to announce that we added new collections to our open desygn edition! You can find lots of new neon art pieces from kids drawing to really cool comic hands. Check them out!


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Projects & Events

We are working on numerous exciting projects in cooperation with different partners and take part in a number of events throughout Europe. Discover when and where you can find our newest works.

Neon letters and light installations - handmade designer lamps and light decor for the interior

Initially, the craft of neon glassblowers found its use in the advertising light industry. In the golden 1920s, neon light was heavily used, especially in the United States - the sky over the “Big Apple’s” Manhattan was light brightly by neon signs. Particularly well-known motifs today still originate from the gastronomy business: drink motives such as open or closed were often installed.

Nowadays, advertising technologies tend to rely more on newer systems such as LED. Neon, however, is not a trend product: the manufacturers of l**ight-advertisements** emphasise the longevity, the unmistakeable glow and radiance as well as the nostalgia and retro-factor. With extensive craftsmanship and technical skill, neon tubes are shaped into lights. Neon advertisements live off this art and skill.

The application and use of neon is not restricted to advertisements: our artists and designers work closely together with our glassblowers to design hand-made neon letterings and objects. From light-manufacturers to designer objects for the home, design and light are combined by us to form extraordinary installations.

We want to create an awareness for light and bring neon directly into domestic living spaces. We produce light-objects together with selected light artists and light designers in the shape of open and limited editions. Additionally, we offer personalised letterings through our configurator: create, for instance, your own letters, words names, or entire quotes in neon.