The Neon tube light A true allrounder!

Coloured Neon tubes are an absolute eye-catcher! As a Neon production company, Sygns produces individual and personalized Neon glass tubes, for customize Neon signs. We show you how the gas gets into the glass.

Work step during a manual neon production

A view into the Neon tube light!

As the name suggests, the noble gas Neon plays a major role in this process. The Neon technology inside the round Neon tube is colourless, odorless and inert at room temperature. Therefore the coloured fluorescent tubes are not dangerous. As soon as you insulate it in higher density (this is where the Neon glass tube comes in) and apply a moderate electrical voltage to it, it becomes reactive and glows.

So Neon tubes consist of sealed glass tubes, which contain a small amount of Neon gas. At the end of each Neon glass tube there is an electrode that allows the Neon tube light to be connected to an electrical power source to form an electric circuit. When an electric voltage is applied to the Neon atoms, the energy removes an electron from the outer shell of the atom. After an electrode is lost from the shell of the atom, the Neon atoms are positively charged and are attracted to the negative pole, while the individual electrons are attracted to the positive pole.

Coloured Neon tube light Here comes the fun!

Neon technology is related to the atoms and electrons inside the Neon tube. By their movement the light is produced. The electrodes of each noble gas emit a specific and characteristic wavelength of photons, which determines the colour in which the gas begins to glow - Neon for example glows red / orange.

The colour of Neon is strictly orange-red, in its pure form and in a transparent glass tube it makes the colour classic red. Each noble gas glows in its own colour under high voltage: Helium glows pink, Krypton glows yellow / green, Xenon glows in lavender blue, Argon glows, light blue.

Overview of the different neon colors

Radon is the only noble gas that does not react to electricity by glowing in colour and is therefore the only noble gas that is never used for Neon tubes.

The wide colour spectrum of Neon tubes is achieved by using different coatings on the glass used for the tubes. Therefore turned off Neon tubes are usually white or sometimes tinted. While the classic red Neon tube is made of transparent Neon glass or Neon and argon gas, all other colours are achieved by manipulation of the Neon glass, either with fluorescent powders (as in pink, purple or green Neon tubes), or by actual colouring of the glass (for orange, cobalt blue and ruby red). A Neon glass tube usually lasts for about 10 years, after which they only need to be refilled with gas.

The Neon tube light production in 6 steps:

The profession of the Neon glassblower belongs to a traditional craft. Due to the individual Neon motifs the Neon production has not, to this day been replaced by machines and still requires the craft skills of the Neon glassblower.

Step 1:

Before a Neon glassblower can start, he first needs a finished design. The design is then printed to scale on paper so that it can be matched with the Neon tube during Neon production.

Step 2:

Now the journey begins! To create an individual Neon tube, we need fire. Handling the extremely hot flame is a careful science. The Neon glassblower now blows into a tube to modulate the pressure while shaping the tubes into words and pictures with their bare hands.

Step 3:

Once the Neon tubes are in the right shape, they are filled with gas through a glass tube and then sealed with electrodes.

Step 4:

Since Neon glassblowers form words from a continuous glass rod, there is an additional connecting piece of Neon tube between the letters, which makes it look like a long spaghetti chain. To ensure that the individual letters are legible, the connection parts are blackened with a layer of water-based acrylic paint to block out the light (known as block out paint or dipping paint).

Step 5:

The Neon glass tube systems, now letters, words or logoscan now be installed individually.

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Step 6:

Now it's "plug & play" and your Neon tube light starts to glow!

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