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Lightboxes & projecting signs

A lightbox or projecting sign can be freestanding, wall mounted or suspended from above. Side mounted signs, sticking out from the building facade are know also as blade signs. The lightboxes are fitted with premium LED modules, emitting light from within. This light either illuminates your logo, or the surrounding diffuser with your logo foiled on top.
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Lightboxes & projecting signs variant comparison

In our application table you will find different ways to install your lightbox or perpendicular projecting sign. Match your use case with the correct type of lightbox to ensure the right match before placing an order. While projecting signs may be very fitting for shop facades, standing totems with an illuminated menu make for a great welcome sign for any restaurant.
Plug & play
Interior design, office or store branding, tradeshows
Shop windows, free hanging
On stage, trade shows, events
Store or office front, branding of walls or buildings
Totem, restaurant menu
Only mounting, no installation needed

Lightbox examples

Lightboxes, also known as projecting signs, are a popular in pedestrianised areas. This type of signage increases awareness to the passing foot traffic. Lightbox advertising can be illuminated in different ways and is considered to be a particularly eye-catching way of outdoor advertising for shop fronts

Customise your Lightbox

We can produce your individual idea or logo as a lightbox or LED illuminated panel. You can submit your project with our request form. Let us know which variant you prefer and whether we should craft the box rectangular, square or round - anything is possible.
Lightboxes come fully pre-assembled with electrical pre-installation with LED and an integrated power supply. However the mounting of the box as part of special construction, especially for outdoor advertising, may prove to be a complicated mounting job. Optionally request one of our professional installation teams to install any product end to end for you.

Lightbox installation

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