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Neon is the classic of illuminated signs! Traditional Glass Neon impresses with its timeless look, LED Neon makes your logo shine with modern technology.

Upload your design in our Neon Configurators or create your individual sign from scratch with one of our fonts. Customise sizes, colours, mounting features and more.

Glass Neon is a time-tested, traditional advertising technology and made from handshaped glass tubes that contain a gas mix (neon and/or argon). LED Neon is made from flexible silicone tubes with LED modules. Both types of Neon are handcrafted and require a high degree of craftsmanship. Which kind is ideal for your project is ultimately up to personal taste, but you can learn more about the different aesthetics and use cases in our Sygns Magazine. If you're unsure which product is best suited for your requirements, ask our team for expert advice!

Yes, of course! We offer a range of standard fonts for your convenience, but custom fonts can be used as well. You can either upload your design file directly in the Neon Configurator or send us your specifications so that we can create a file for you. Generally speaking, Glass Neon lends itself best to fluid, cursive lettering styles with soft edges, while LED Neon is ideally suited for more angular designs and typefaces with straight lines and sharp corners.

Glass Neon without background (direct to wall) is assembled directly on the wall, while pre-mounted Neon signs do no require assembly and are delivered ready to use. LED Neon (both direct-to-wall and pre-mounted) is easy and quick to hang without detailed instructions. You can find ressources for the installation in the Downloads section below as well as in our Sygns Magazine. It is recommended that the installation be carried out by qualified personnel. Your Neon product might require wiring by an electrician, depending on the electrical parts. Sygns offers an installation service in and around Berlin, as well as a number of other cities. If you wish to schedule an installation, please contact us with details regarding your order.



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Personalised wall letters and logos are the illuminated signs with that certain something extra. Your business is guaranteed to stand out from the crowd!

This product group includes:
  • single letters & numbers
  • 2D non-lit & 3D illuminated signs
  • 2D non-lit & 3D illuminated signs

For quick and easy mounting, we offer pre-mounted product variants on rails or backplates. Single letters without background need to be mounted and wired individually, for which we recommend the use of a professional technician. You can also book this service directly with Sygns – to make an appointment please contact our support team!

Separate letters must be installed and wired individually. However, the invisible laying of cables is not possible everywhere, especially on exterior facades this is usually not an option. For such cases we recommend a background construction (raceways or plate). It is best to check the local conditions and let our team advise you to find an individual solution that perfectly fits your needs.

We offer a wide range of materials and colours: coloured acrylics (perspex, plexiglass), powdercoated aluminium, dibond (aluminium composite) with various finishes, hardfoam (PVC and XPS), or 3D-printed PET-G. Ask our team about specific material options to get a custom quote.



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Lightboxes and projecting signs seem simple, but they are highly customisable. Sleek minimalism or detailed, colourful designs – a lightbox makes it possible.

Customisation options include:
  • front-facing or double-sided
  • illuminated surface or lit logo
  • shapes & colour palette

As all our products are custom-made and handcrafted, there are no standard sizes for lightboxes either. Size restriction based on material or use case are possible nonetheless. Front-facing lightboxes over 200 cm width may be produced in multiple parts. Projecting signs are size-restricted for static reasons, the possible maximum diameter is usually around 100-150 cm. Additionally, local regulations regarding the allowed sizes for projecting signs may apply.

Not at all, in our online quote request form you can choose from a variety of typefaces if you don't have a design file to upload. You want to use a specific font or motif, but don't have a vector file at hand? Not a problem either, just send us your specifications and we'll create a design for you.

We offer two types of lightboxes: "classic" lightboxes with an illuminated background/surface and "modern" lightboxes with illuminated logo. Classic lightboxes have an acrylic diffusor (front), the frame is typically made of aluminium. Modern lightboxes are constructed from alu dibond. The logo is cut out of the box material and inlaid with acrylic. Custom materials, finishes and colours are possible, get in touch with our team if you have special requirements!


Green Walls

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Go green with beautiful wall greenery in all shapes and sizes:
  • trendy moss wall art
  • custom moss logos
  • Moss+ with illuminated sign
Benefits of our preserved moss & plant products:
  • low maintenance
  • easy to install
  • very durable

None of the above. Sygns wall moss decor products are mostly maintenance-free. There are, however, ideal (and less ideal) circumstances to keep your mummified moss in: The panels should ideally be kept in an enclosed, dry space that is protected from weather. Humidity levels in the room should be maintained between 35 and 65%. This applies to most lichens (i.e., preserved reindeer moss) and mosses, which may get dry and soften again without harm to the product. If humidity levels drop below 35%, the preserved moss can be treated with an air humidifier (please don't spray or mist directly with water). Humidity for jungle plants should never exceed 65%, while a drop below 35% is acceptable and not harmful. It is not recommended to install petrified moss wall panels closer than 1 m from an active heat source (e.g., heaters or radiators), as this might dry out the plants.

Yes, we also offer moss walls and plant walls with neon (LED or glass) or with letters (lit or non-lit). To this end, we have developed our own Moss+ product line, for which we combine signage with a moss or plant background to create a practical and easy-to-use product. The backplate for Moss+ products is constructed as a moss-covered alu dibond cassette with bended side walls that form a frame on the back for easy mounting with hanging holes (basically like a picture). The moss or plant background can be combined with an illuminated or a non-lit sign. The electrical components for neon signs or letters (converter and junction box) are attached to back and invisible from the front. Standard Moss+ orders are plug & play with a Schuko plug. This product line is currently only available for indoor use. It's also possible to order larger-scale jungle or moss walls with LED lights or other illuminated or non-lit signage. In this case, the moss wall and the sign will be delivered separately, so that the sign can be safely installed on top of the moss. If you have questions regarding moss walls with LED lights, plant walls with neon signs, or other Moss+ products, you can find more info regarding available options in our Product specifications tool above, or get in touch with our sales team.

All our moss green wall products are designed for easy mounting. You can find step-by-step guides in our Sygns Magazine as well as in our illustrated Moss Manual in the Downloads section below. If you want our local mounting team to install your moss wall decor for you, feel free to send us a request and please make sure to include details of your order.

Feedback from professionals

custom 3D Letters
The ordering process is organised in a very customer-friendly and easy way. We are very satisfied with the products and the feedback was great from all sides. That's why we decided to order a second sign right away.
Felix Plapperer, SquareOne
Felix Plapperer, Partner SquareOne
custom 3D Letters
We ordered illuminated letters and a projecting lightbox with our logo for our store in Munich and we are very happy with them! The illuminated signs look great and the team was super helpful from start to finish.
Sygns Customer
Carl Taylor, Managing Director Kekz GmbH
custom 3D Letters
I'm very happy with the quality of the products, the straightforward communication, the creativity and the helpfulness of the team. Thumbs up!
Roman Bieri, Simon Keller AG / MOSS the lab
Roman Bieri, Projektleiter Hair Simon Keller AG / MOSS the lab

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Create your own custom-made illuminated sign online
Create your own custom-made illuminated sign online
Find the right signage for your company – no technical know-how required.
We help you create your personal indoor or outdoor illuminated sign and deliver worldwide. Express order options and individual delivery solutions are available to fit your schedule.
Custom-crafted individual illuminated signs tailored to your business
Custom-crafted individual illuminated signs tailored to your business
Design your personalised illuminated sign from one of our four main product families in our step-by-step online form.
You just upload your logo or design and we create an offer and a visualisation for you. Our sales team is at your service throughout the whole process.
Order unique illuminated signage from Germany's market leader
Order unique illuminated signage from Germany's market leader
Configure your individual sign and order directly online.
Upload your own design or create custom wall letterings with our font selection. Customise size, colour, background and more to create the perfect illuminated sign for your business.
Premium quality, personal service & flexible solutions to meet your needs
Premium quality, personal service & flexible solutions to meet your needs
Book our optional installation service to mount your illuminated logo sign or use our manuals available on each product page.
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