Light tubes x Julia Stoschek

Julia Stoschek's art collection is one of the largest media collections in the world, spanning decades of brilliant work. Founded in 2007, the gallery now comprises of almost 1000 works. Since 2016 has included a satellite exhibition space in Berlin in addition to its main location in Düsseldorf.

Neon light tubes installed as arches on the ceiling of the Stoscheck Gallery

Light tubes as a special spatial element

The gallery's new space in Berlin Mitte was designed by Johanna Meyer-Grohbrügge. To enhance the multimedia flow, light tubes were integrated into the architecture of the building. The effect of the neon tubes is non-invasive and adds real value to both the presentation of the collection and the architecture of the building. The curved light tubes bring the space to life without being in the spotlight. The focus remains on the space, the architecture and the artworks.

Neon light installed as arches on the ceiling of the Stoscheck Gallery

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