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Configure neon and receive offer in 5 steps

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Define your design
Upload Your idea
Upload the design of your idea in any of our supported files formats: JPEG, PNG, TIF, EPS, SVG, AI.
Or choose one of our typefaces
Express your personal statement in one of our typefaces: Play, Wild, Classic, House, Gigantic, Foxy, Pioneer or Italiano.
Select colour and size
Choose your neon colour from our colour pallette, select dimensions and define the neon contour.
Define your mounting
The classical and industrial form - installation is attached directly on the wall or any surface, where cables would be visible (or hidden, if hidden in wall/structure). Manual installation required.
The easy way to hang - neon is pre-mounted on a background surface (acrylic or metal). The power supply is hidden behind the plate and only a power cable is visible, that is easily connected to a power outlet.
The full protection - installation is placed inside an acrylic box, which can be simply placed onto any even surface, and also hung on wall. The power supply is mounted within the box and a power cable exits the box towards the power socket.