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Press Kit

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please take a look at our press kit.

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Previous Coverage

sygns has previously been featured in multiple publications on topics such as
hand-made, urban lifestyle, interior design, art, nostalgia and lighting.

of sygns

After studying together in Italy, our three founders Max, Nils and Tony moved to Berlin together in 2014.

For their shared flat they got the idea to add a neon installtion into their living room. However thay had trouble finding glassblowers and noticed how fragmented the market was when they were finally able to get some quotes for their neon.

They figured if they had so much trouble acquiring a neon, others must have the same problem. In order to make neon more easily available and affordable, they decided to launch their own company.

Our Founders

Nils Lehnert

Nils is reponsible for the German-speaking market and the internationalization of sygns.

When he's not a CrossFit, you'll probably find him in the office, no matter what time of day or day of the week.

Max Elverfors

Max manages all Nordic markets for sygns.

He founded the company with the other two in Berlin, before opening a local office in Copenhagen.

Anthony Genillard

Tony is in charge of all operational topics, from developing new packaging to sourcing new glassblowers.

Ask him about his heritage - chances are he will probably have some distant relative in your city.

For pictures, videos and other media please take a look at our Press Kit.
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