Neon Art James Turrell in Berlin

James Turrell proves the infinite possibilities of neon art with his dynamic light installation. With his neon installation, he manages to tickle the viewer's perception and create an experience that goes beyond empirical distinction. The exhibition is an example of the perennial amazement at the versatility of Neon light.

Blue light in a room as an exhibition by neon artist James Turrell
Source: Beshara Magazine

This neon art sheds new light on the historic chapel!

The prominent American artist has composed a symphony of bright tones for the 20th century chapel of the Dorotheenst├Ądtischer Friedhof in Berlin-Mitte - The result is a very special Neon art installation. Beginning with soft blue tones, the play of light accompanies the comparatively uneventful setting of the Berlin sun and gradually becomes a veritable orchestra of phosphorescent colours.

Turning the concept of the coloured stained glass windows of Gothic churches on its head, Neon artist Turrell contrasts the colourful artificial neon and LED light with the timid shades of natural light that penetrate the milky windows of the chapel to deceive the perception of light and colour; the effect is further enhanced by the illumination of the candles at the altar. The effect of this Neon art is truly stunning! Working with indirect light and its interaction with the space gives the Neon tubes an unexpected softness.

Red light in a room as an exhibition by neon artist James Turrell
Source: Beshara Magazine

Neon art as a modern form of expression

Neon is generally instinctively associated with popular art due to its widespread use in advertising. Turrell is among the pioneers who introduced Neon to optical art, minimalism and geometric abstraction. Although the figurative potential of Neon artworks is clearly alluring, so much so that it is rarely used in abstract compositions, we find neon equally fascinating in simple lines and geometric forms.

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